VIDEO – I Feel Pretty might not be a body-shaming comedy, but it’s still problematic

Amy Schumer's comedy I Feel Pretty was criticised for possible body-shaming
Amy Schumer’s comedy I Feel Pretty was criticised for possible body-shaming

When the trailers for new Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty first appeared online earlier this year, the internet reacted immediately. The film was discussed as a potential body-shaming story, as the previews focused on characters responding with disgust to Schumer’s character, who believes she has become the most beautiful woman on Earth after taking a blow to the head.

The movie has now been released into UK cinemas, so people can finally decide for themselves whether the movie really is an example of body-shaming. For me, it’s a more good-natured film than its trailer suggests, but that doesn’t prevent it from being incredibly problematic in ways that people did not necessarily foresee. In the video below, with the help of some spoilers for the film, I examine its rough moral messaging.

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