The Popcorn Muncher Podcast: Interview with K-Shop director Dan Pringle

Ziad Abaza as murderous kebab shop owner Salah in K-Shop
Ziad Abaza as murderous kebab shop owner Salah in K-Shop

It’s time for something a little different on The Popcorn Muncher Podcast this time around, with our first interview special. There are no reviews or discussion – just a chat with a filmmaker or performer about their upcoming project.

British vigilante thriller K-Shop is set to land in cinemas next week ahead of its arrival on VOD and I paid a visit to writer-director Dan Pringle to discuss the lengthy history of the project and its blood-soaked path to the big screen. We got chance to talk about everything from violence to on-set carnage and the film’s surprising relevance in the wake of Brexit.

Dan also gave us a sneak preview of the plans for his next film, which will also have a social commentary concept at its heart.

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