News Round-up – DC in turmoil, Alicia Vikander cast as Tomb Raider, Mads Mikkelsen on Rogue One and more

It has been another busy week for movie news, with some major casting announcements landing alongside a trailer for one of the year’s most anticipated true-life dramas.

One of the brightest young actresses in Hollywood is stepping into the shoes of Angelina Jolie, a Star Wars actor has been a little loose-lipped when it comes to spoilers and it seems as if the DC Cinematic Universe might be falling apart before it has even truly begun.

Here’s your weekly round-up of the film news that matters.


Trouble in the DC Universe?

Seth Grahame-Smith has left The Flash and James Wan is unsure about Aquaman
Seth Grahame-Smith has left The Flash and James Wan is unsure about Aquaman
(Photos: Gage Skidmore)

It’s no secret that Batman v Superman didn’t exactly turn out to be the success DC had hoped it would be. It has failed to cross the $1bn box office target and has attracted incredibly stinky reviews. That now seems like the least of their problems, with director Seth Grahame-Smith departing The Flash over “creative differences”. The movie is still set to be released in March 2018.

That could, though, be only one of the misfortunes befalling the superhero studio. According to Birth Movies Death, the Aquaman movie, also due in 2018, could also be facing trouble with director James Wan. Wan is reportedly “feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation” about the project.

The DC Universe is off to something of a shaky start and it remains to be seen whether the studio will be able to pick itself up in time for the Justice League movie in 2017.


Mads Mikkelsen drops Rogue One spoilers

Mads Mikkelsen spoke about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Sky News
Mads Mikkelsen spoke about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Sky News

Eyebrows were raised when Mads Mikkelsen was absent from the first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a few weeks ago. The man himself appears to have resolved the mystery of who he’s playing, letting slip on Sky News that he is playing the father of Felicity Jones‘ Jyn Erso.

Mikkelsen clearly realised his mistake, quickly pointing out he had said “too much”, but speculation will now start in earnest. It’s fair to say that Mikkelsen is well-known for playing dark, sinister characters, so will Jyn Erso come from more villainous roots than we expected? Expect further loose-lipped revelations between now and the release of Rogue One in December.


Alicia Vikander is the new Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander in Aussie action film Son of a Gun
Alicia Vikander in Aussie action film Son of a Gun

Alicia Vikander has continued her quest to play every role in cinema this week with her casting as the new Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. Vikander will play a young untested Croft in the new movie.

This is solid casting, Vikander is fresh off winning an Oscar for and has already shown remarkable range, from weighty dramas like The Danish Girl to breezy adventures like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and gritty thrillers like Son of a Gun. No one really wants another Tomb Raider film, but this is certainly an encouraging first step.


Disney announces fairytale frenzy

The Jungle Book has become a massive hit for Disney
The Jungle Book has become a massive hit for Disney

Disney is currently dominating cinemas on just about every front. Zootropolis is wowing animation fans, The Jungle Book is a thrilling family adventure and Captain America: Civil War is already well on the way to becoming a superhero smash hit. Clearly in a buoyant mood, the Mouse House announced a whole load of new fairytale movies this week, via Variety.

Amongst the announcements are a couple of unsurprising sequels – for The Jungle Book and Maleficent. They also confirmed a handful of projects that have been rumoured for a long time, including Emma Stone‘s Cruella de Vil movie and a Mary Poppins sequel starring Emily Blunt. There were some weirder entries as well, including a Tim Burton take on Dumbo.

Disney is flexing its muscles here, planting its flag in a number of big release dates. The film’s themselves are a mixed bag, but if they are as interesting as films like The Jungle Book, then people will queue round the block for them.


Snowden movie finally gets a trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Snowden
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Snowden

Snowden, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the divisive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, has been subject to several delays. It was originally pegged for a December 2015 release, then moved to May 2016. Subsequently, it was shunted back into awards season and will now land in the USA in September. This week, the first trailer for the film landed and it’s a hugely impressive one.

Gordon-Levitt looks to have a good handle on Snowden’s crusade and Shailene Woodley promises to be a strong addition to the supporting cast. Snowden looks to be a film full of moral complexity and difficult questions, which is exactly the treatment that such an important issue deserves.


Fox pulls out of Comic-Con over piracy fears

20th Century Fox has had a major Comic-Con presence
20th Century Fox has had a major Comic-Con presence (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

San Diego Comic-Con has become a real haven for movie geeks over the last decade or so. It is now well-known for being a star-studded extravaganza of stars and exclusive footage from highly anticipated blockbusters. This week, however, the convention may have lost a big name. The Wrap has reported that 20th Century Fox will not be making a major Hall H appearance due to concerns over exclusive footage being illegally put online.

Last year, Fox was dismayed when exclusive footage from Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse was leaked online days after being shown to fans in Hall H. It’s no surprise that studios are becoming a bit less willing to provide this content when they cannot trust that it will remain secret. In most cases, Comic-Con needs these big names a lot more than they need Comic-Con.


Ghostbusters is most disliked trailer of all time

Paul Feig's all-female Ghostbusters reboot is out this year
Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot is out this year

Certain corners of the internet have greeted Paul Feig‘s all-female reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise with misogynistic rage. That came into sharp focus this week, when Screen Crush revealed that the movie’s trailer is the most disliked in the history of YouTube. Their maths states that the trailer has received a dislike for every 56 views, which is a greater ration than even the video for Justin Bieber single ‘Baby’, which is the most disliked video in the site’s history at a ratio of only 226 views per dislike.

Most disturbing, as the site puts it, is that the dislikes are “part of a coordinated attack on the film by people who are opposed to its very existence”. It seems that some people just can’t handle the idea of a movie with women at the centre that dares to wear that proudly on its sleeve.


How do you feel about Alicia Vikander being cast as every character in cinema? Has Disney’s fairytale remake project gone too far? Does the DC Universe have a future? Let me know in the comments section and come back next Sunday for another news round-up.

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