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[ADVERTORIAL] The following is a guest post by Tom Duggans – a self-proclaimed Bond aficionado and lover of all things 007. He also thinks people were a little too harsh toward Quantum of Solace but let’s not open that can of worms.

Spectre is the latest James Bond film

The wait is finally over for Spectre. Bond 24 has already landed in the UK and will arrive in US cinemas this week, and it might just be the most hyped Bond film to date. Daniel Craig has developed an extremely passionate following among younger Bond fans, and if you add that to the generations of people who have always loved the franchise, it’s fair to suggest that James Bond is bigger than ever.

Early reviews for Spectre are largely positive, but of course each fan will need to decide for him/herself how it stacks up against the recent Craig efforts and the series as a whole. And in case you’ve missed some of the news and trailers leading up to the film, here are all of the major details you should know heading into the release, from the new Bond girls to 007’s latest ride.


The Girls

No Bond film is complete without a few stunning and mysterious actresses to capture 007’s interests and attractions. This time around, there are two or three of them. Lea Seydoux is getting most of the recognition as the defining "Bond girl" of Spectre, though in a way she’s fighting that very label. Seydoux has made it clear that she’s not a typical Bond girl, and that she didn’t want to take the role if it ended up being just another sexual conquest of 007’s.

That sounds a lot more like Eva Green‘s Vesper Lynd character from Casino Royale than the typical Bond girl, and most fans will agree that’s a great sign. Monica Bellucci will also star in the film, and Naomie Harris will embody Eve Moneypenny once again. Although, fans will recall this version of Moneypenny has some genuine sexual tension with Bond as well.

Naomie Harris returns as Moneypenny in Spectre

The Cars

Aston Martin has something of a modern monopoly on the very concept of a signature Bond car, and that won’t be changing in Spectre. However, it’s also worth noting that this film will apparently rope in a few additional impressive vehicles to serve various purposes (and hopefully some good old-fashioned chase scenes).

There will be four featured cars in Spectre, with most of the attention going to a stunning new Aston Martin DB10 that will likely be Bond’s main ride. However, we’ll also see a Range Rover Sport SVR and a modified Land Rover Defender Bigfoot, and the villain (played by Christoph Waltz) will drive a Jaguar C-X75 that could rival the Aston Martin as the headline vehicle of the film.



Just as a refresher, fans should be prepared for a new-look MI6 in Spectre The transition occurred in Skyfall, but with the wonderful Judi Dench still featuring prominently as M, it was almost hard to take note of the MI6 overhaul. In Spectre a newer and largely younger crew will be in place. Ralph Fiennes takes over as M, with the aforementioned Naomie Harris continuing her turn as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw returning as Q. It’s an edgier group for Craig’s edgier Bond.

Christoph Waltz plays the villainous Oberhauser in Spectre

The Villains

Usually a Bond film has a signature villain who gets the most screen time and develops into a direct nemesis for 007 to take down. But more often than not there are also one or two additional villains, either thuggish cronies who serve as obstacle "boss fights" for Bond en route to taking down the main villain, or wealthy, mysterious backers playing the primary villain like a puppet. There’s no telling exactly how many significant bad guys will pop up in Spectre, but what we know heading in is interesting.

Christoph Waltz is playing a character named Oberhauser, evidently the head of the evil Spectre organisation and a character from Bond’s past. But we also know that Mr. White is coming back. Played by Jesper Christensen in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, White is a bizarre case. He was once the sort of rich crime backer previously mentioned, and now, judging by trailers, a down-on-his-luck, tormented character who may even assist Bond.


The Video Games

Not every Bond film gets a video game, but because Goldeneye 007 is one of the most iconic games of all time, fans are always looking for possible video game adaptations. It doesn’t have to do with the actual film of course, but it’s part of the process of a new Bond release. As it happened, there’s no specific Spectre game in the works. There’s at least an interesting "From Monte Carlo With Love" bonus game featured in a collection of online casino games as a clear nod to the new Bond film.

The game offers players the chance to "earn a trip to Double-O Heaven," and invokes a certain Bond-esque spirit even if it’s not a traditional action or shooter experience. There was also an app called James Bond: World Of Espionage released for Android earlier this year. This also isn’t a specific Spectre accompaniment, though Daniel Craig’s image is used and the game itself — it’s a social mystery progression in which you deploy and control secret agents on missions — is pretty enjoyable.

Daniel Craig returns to play James Bond for the fourth time in Spectre

The Plot

There are a lot of theories and half-constructed synopses out there, but all we really know for sure (at least those of us who haven’t caught early screenings or read spoilers) is that a cryptic message from Bond’s past leads him on a journey that ultimately sees him uncovering the Spectre organisation.

It certainly appears that the so-called missions this time around will be somewhat more independent for Bond, operating at least to some extent on his own, rather than as directed by MI6.

And there’s your Spectre preparation cheat sheet. There’s a whole lot more to this film than this, but these are some of the crucial elements to expect.

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