K-Shop writer-director Dan Pringle says film feels “more relevant” every day

Ziad Abaza stars in Bournemouth-set thriller K-Shop

Bournemouth-set vigilante thriller K-Shop has an increased relevance in the current political climate, according to its writer-director Dan Pringle.

The film stars Ziad Abaza (pictured) as a kebab shop owner who takes murderous revenge on binge drinking yobs who cause trouble in his shop after a night of hedonistic partying.

“In the context of the political landscape and where we’re at as a social entity, it seems to become almost more relevant by the day,” said Dan.

“There’s a lot of issues right now around immigration and this rise of the far-Right.

“Although that’s not a central theme of the film, it’s there and there is a bit of an ‘us versus them’ element to it.

“With regard to the fact that it was something that was written well over a year ago, it still feels like it’s going to be current when it does get released and be something people can relate to in the context of the moment.”

Banner poster for Bournemouth-set thriller K-Shop

K-Shop is close to completion after shooting on location in Bournemouth over the course of a month last year and has its eye on a Halloween release date.

“We have to be in a position to present to distributors in four or five weeks’ time,” said Dan.

“I think I’ll be pretty happy when we get to the end.

“It’s been such a long journey that I’m not even the same person now that I was when I started and even now, I think if I went back to when I was writing it, I’d have written a completely different film altogether.”

Despite the gruelling filmmaking experience K-Shop proved to be, Dan is confident in the final product he has produced.

He said: “I think we’ve achieved exactly what we set out to achieve, which was to produce a decent piece of British cinema.

“It’s just about marketing and getting the right person to embrace it and feel like it’s worth investing in to get it out there.”



Dan was also keen to thank those who have supported and followed the K-Shop project since the beginning.

He said: “Thanks for your support, keep with it and it will be worth it.

“I think it’s something quite special and quite unique that will be something you talk about and want to share.”


K-Shop is expected to receive a limited theatrical release in October 2015. You can keep up with the project on Twitter.

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