TRAILER: Chris Evans romcom ‘Playing It Cool’ releases on UK VoD

Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan star in romcom Playing it Cool

The offbeat romcom Playing it Cool, starring Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan, has been released today on UK video-on-demand platforms.

The film, which will be reviewed on The Popcorn Muncher this week, follows Evans’ writer who is forced by his publisher (Anthony Mackie) to write romantic novels, despite his desire to write action and utter disillusionment with the very notion of love.

His cynicism soon melts away when he meets Monaghan’s character, only to discover the ideal shattered by the fact that she is already in a relationship.

The film has an all-star comedic cast, including Evans, Monaghan, Mackie and Parks of Recreation breakout Aubrey Plaza.



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