VIDEO: UK thriller K-Shop releases first teaser trailer

First teaser trailer for UK vigilante thriller K-Shop

“I want to know why you think it’s acceptable to behave the way you do.”

The first teaser trailer has been released for vigilante thriller film K-Shop, shot entirely in Bournemouth by local studio White Lantern Film.

The 25-second clip showcases the drunken, abusive revellers that finally tip kebab shop owner Salah (Ziad Abaza) over the edge. As the binge culture of Britain becomes too much for him, he takes matters into his own hands and begins to brutally murder those who push him too far.



“The teaser was loads of fun to make and functioned as welcome relief from the intensity of chopping the actual the film together,” said K-Shop writer-director Dan Pringle.

There isn’t much plot to speak of in this short K-Shop trailer, but the haunting montage of images set to cast member Kristin Atherton’s rendition of Kaiser Chiefs hit “I Predict A Riot” gives a great idea of the film’s tone.

“It’s an obvious juxtaposition of calm and chaos but it’s probably the first time that song has been featured in the appropriate context,” said Dan.

“There’s still a long way to go with the edit before we can sit down with some of the interested distributors, but it’s shaping up well and I’m confident it will get a decent little release when complete.”

K-Shop is still eyeing a release date in early 2015. Follow the movie on Twitter to keep updated with release developments.


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