Review: Grown Ups 2

Poster for 2013 comedy film Grown Ups 2

Genre: Comedy
Certificate: 12
UK Release Date: 9th August 2013
Runtime: 101 minutes
Director: Dennis Dugan 
Writer: Fred Wolf, Adam Sandler, Tim Herlihy
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi, Taylor Lautner. Steve Austin
Synopsis: Weighed down by the pressures and problems of adult life, a group of old friends reunite for a day of craziness.



Unfortunately for absolutely everybody, the first Grown Ups movie was a box office success. It made more than twice its production budget domestically and went on to gross over $250m worldwide. As a result of that success, Grown Ups 2 now exists. It is, of course, an absolute car crash of a film.

Lenny (Adam Sandler) is now back in Connecticut bringing up a family with his wife (Salma Hayek), who wants another child. During the last day of school, he hooks up with friends Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock) and Marcus (David Spade) for a day of “hilarious” hijinks. Visiting one of their old haunts, they butt heads with a group of frat boys, led by Andy (Taylor Lautner).

It’s difficult to describe what makes Grown Ups 2 so awful. Bizarrely, it isn’t the terrible cast, or the incredibly lavatorial humour. It’s not the casual sexism, or the rampant homophobia. The problem is that Grown Ups 2 isn’t really a film. Much like this year’s biggest mess Movie 43, this is essentially a badly written sketch show clumsily cut together into 100 minutes of pure effluent.

Most of the film just feels like a collage of ideas that a group of lads had whilst they were sat in a room around a crate of beers. There is absolutely no plot whatsoever, with some scenes randomly inserted at moments where they just don’t fit. Grown Ups 2 has the air of a film with no prospect of failure, so they just didn’t really bother with it. As long as there are enough “burpsnarts” (burp, sneeze, fart in quick succession… I know) to please the adolescents, then these films will always make money.

Not a single member of this cast looks like they are trying at all. Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi, especially, are very talented comic actors, who deserve far stronger material than this. Buscemi is having a terrible year, with The Incredible Burt Wonderstone already showing that his choice of roles doesn’t match up to his aptitude level. Even that, though, was Citizen Kane in comparison to the complete mess that is Grown Ups 2. To put it into perspective, this is a film where the best comic performance comes from Taylor Lautner. Yup, genuinely.

But the most depressing thing about Grown Ups 2 is not how bad it is. The most depressing thing is that it has done really well at the box office. Can anyone hear the word trilogy?


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