The Popcorn Muncher hosts #MTOS – Stanley Kubrick

The Popcorn Muncher will host MTOS on 3rd March

I will be hosting awesome Twitter event Movie Talk On Sunday this week (3rd March from 8pm) on the topic of possibly the best director to have ever lived – Stanley Kubrick.

I had great fun the last time I hosted the event and this topic is very close to my heart indeed. I credit Kubrick as being the man responsible for my interest in cinema so, without him, I wouldn’t be posting this today and I certainly wouldn’t have met any of the awesome #MTOS community.

Here are the ten questions that will make up the evening.

  1. Which is your favourite Stanley Kubrick film?
  2. Are there any Kubrick films that aren’t brilliant?
  3. Whose acting performance in a Kubrick film is the best?
  4. How influential do you think Kubrick’s work has been to cinema?
  5. Kubrick never shied away from controversy – did he ever go too far?
  6. Has there ever been another director as good as, or better than, Kubrick?
  7. Are there any modern directors who serve as Kubrick’s natural heir?
  8. What the bloody hell is 2001 actually about?
  9. Which non-Kubrick film would you have loved to have seen him make?
  10. If you could remake any Kubrick film, which would it be and who would you have direct and star?

There we have it. I’ll see you Sunday at 8pm for #MTOS.

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