Trailer Time: New red band trailer for Evil Dead remake

New red band trailer for the remake of 80s horror Evil Dead

It’s not often that a remake gets me excited. It’s even rarer for a remake of a movie I consider a classic to get me excited, but Fede Alvarez’s upcoming re-imagining of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror film The Evil Dead has me practically vomiting blood with excitement.

A new red band trailer for the film was released today and to say it’s brutally gory would be something of an understatement…

Crazy, right?

It seems that the copious amounts of splatter and grotesque effects from the original Evil Dead are thoroughly in tact, which is certainly welcome. Equally, the fact that Alvarez’s film will not directly clone Bruce Campbell’s Ash character shows that there is no desire here to just reshoot the original with glossier effects, which is just as welcome.

After last year’s The Cabin in the Woods lovingly deconstructed every facet of the remote location horror film, it will be difficult for any film to mine that genre again. However, on the basis of this exceptional preview, Evil Dead looks to be utterly terrifying and more than enough fun to manage it.

Everything that was awesome about Evil Dead before is present and the trailer alone has enough gore to almost justify the remake on its own. Fountains of bloody vomit, tongue slicing, power tools and a head in a bag all appear in the space of a few minutes.

That certainly sounds like an Evil Dead movie to me. Roll on 19th April.

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