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Stephen Graham – The Popcorn Muncher

Review – Wrestling comedy ‘Walk Like a Panther’ is a half-cocked British underdog story

British wrestling is done a disservice by ropey comedy Walk Like a Panther, which trips over the ring ropes at every possible opportunity.

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News Round-up – Wiig to be Wonder Woman villain, Mary Poppins and Grinch trailers and more

Kristen Wiig is now officially a superhero villain and Benedict Cumberbatch is a green curmudgeon. It has been an odd week.

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11 best uses of the C-word in movie history

It’s the only word that guarantees an instant adult rating in Hollywood, but which movies have made the best use of the C-word?

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Top 10: Truly terrifying scary movies that aren’t supposed to be horror films

It isn’t just horror films that are pant-wettingly scary. Sometimes a dark thriller or a harrowing drama can be just as terrifying. So, here are ten films so scary they probably should be considered horror films.

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