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Edgar Wright – The Popcorn Muncher

News Round-up – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, Tarantino to take on Star Trek and more

DC might be on the verge of binning its Batman, DC has binned its director and a big T-Rex is binning everybody in this week’s news round-up.

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The Popcorn Muncher Podcast: Episode 63 – Has Edgar Wright created the first action-musical-romcom with Baby Driver?

Edgar Wright makes his triumphant return to the big screen with the precision-tooled vehicular energy of Baby Driver on this week’s episode of The Popcorn Muncher Podcast.

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News Round-up – Fantastic Beasts 2 plot details, Gosling as Wonka, Baby Driver sequel and more

We’re back in the world of Harry Potter and, meanwhile, Ryan Gosling could get the keys to a chocolate factory in this week’s movie news.

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News Round-up – Thor gets a haircut, Baby Driver gets a trailer, Deadpool 2 and more

This week, the internet mostly went crazy over Chris Hemsworth’s new hair style. Also, Jeff Goldblum is Jeff Goldblum.

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Review of 2013: 20 best films of the year

The Popcorn Muncher’s Review of 2013 continues with the 20 best films of 2013, including a beautiful outer space masterpiece and Nick Frost wielding a bar stool.

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Review: The World’s End

Review of 2013 comedy film The World’s End, which is the final entry in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. It is directed and co-written by Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg (also co-writing) and Nick Frost.

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