News Round-up – Justice League trailer, Schumer says goodbye to Barbie, Shannon for Deadpool 2 and more

This week’s movie news is dominated by an enormous trailer for one of the biggest movies of 2017 – even if almost nobody is actually looking forward to seeing it. Despite tepid reviews, DC is pressing ahead with its expansive superhero universe and it’s set to reach a fever pitch later this year when the company’s heroes assemble for Justice League.

Elsewhere, we learned of a few interesting projects in the works with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars on board and saw Amy Schumer depart a movie that looked tailor-made for her to stamp her creative mark.

Here’s your movie news round-up…


Justice League assembles for first full trailer

Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg assemble for the Justice League trailer
Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg assemble for the Justice League trailer

Anyone who is still excited for a Zack Snyder superhero movie at this point is either endlessly optimistic or just hasn’t seen the last few. The peddler of mindless mayhem rendered in dull, grey colour schemes is back with DC’s goliath Justice League movie, which got a full trailer this week. To be fair, this is a relatively well put together teaser, giving all of the characters plenty of space to show a little personality and a flash of their action credentials. The trailer also continues the absence of Superman from the Justice League marketing, which is something I definitely appreciate.

Unfortunately, I’m finding it absolutely impossible to get excited for Justice League. Aside from a few slightly amusing one-liners, this is very much another grim-looking superhero tale that lacks the colour and silliness that has powered Marvel into a successful position. Unless Snyder has learned a great deal of lessons from the awfulness of Batman v Superman, this could be another dull mess. Justice League will arrive in cinemas in November 2017.


Amy Schumer waves goodbye to Barbie

Amy Schumer at Witstream Live in 2010
Amy Schumer at Witstream Live in 2010 (Photo: 92YTribeca)

The casting of Amy Schumer in the Barbie movie caused a stir earlier this year, both from trolls who hated the idea of her in the role and from supporters who loved the fact that such a body positive woman was in the frame for Barbie. Sadly, Variety reported this week that Schumer has had to step away from the project due to a scheduling conflict. Sony and Mattel have a release date of June 2018 in place and it can’t move as a tie-in merchandise line is already on the way. Schumer said that the film has “so much promise” and added she was “bummed” to have to step away.

Schumer’s busy schedule and Mattel’s inflexible release date are dual perpetrators on this one and it may have robbed us of a genuinely subversive Barbie movie. She seemed perfect to take on the part and hopefully Sony will be able to find an equally brilliant actor to lead the film and bring a rather old-fashioned caricature into the 21st century. I’m still intrigued to see where this one goes.


Shannon could be Cable in Deadpool 2

Michael Shannon stars in Midnight Special
Michael Shannon stars in Midnight Special

Rampant speculation has been spreading online for over a year now surrounding who will play the role of Cable in David Leitch‘s superhero sequel Deadpool 2. Ryan Reynolds teased the character in the post-credits sting of the first Deadpool film and it now looks as if Michael Shannon is the frontrunner for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Shannon is reportedly on a shortlist that includes Stranger Things star David Harbour, amongst others. If Shannon can fit the film into his hectic schedule, he is likely to play the part.

This would be an interesting move for Shannon, who has had rather rotten luck when it comes to comic book movies. Deadpool 2 looks set to be a huge sequel and the franchise has real fan appreciation behind it at this stage. Right now, this is almost certainly the most sought-after role in the world of comic book cinema. Deadpool 2 is due out at some point in 2018.


Downey Jr to take on Doctor Dolittle

Robert Downey Jr promotes Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic-Con in 2014
Robert Downey Jr promotes Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic-Con in 2014 (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Robert Downey Jr is one of the most expensive men in showbusiness, having earned a remarkable price tag through his role as the centrepiece of the formidable Marvel Cinematic Universe. His next project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is something a little different to his recent work. RDJ will take on the title role in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, in which he plays the man who claims he can talk to animals. The script has been developed by Stephen Gaghan, who will also direct the film as his follow-up to this year’s Gold.

The Eddie Murphy take on Doctor Dolittle was a film I liked a lot as a kid and I think that, in many ways, RDJ is the perfect pick to play a new version of the character. He’s an irreverent, fast-talking performer who will be entirely plausible as an eccentric man with bizarre beliefs. This could be a fun one.


Brie Larson to play first female POTUS candidate

Brie Larson won a Best Actress Oscar for Room
Brie Larson won a Best Actress Oscar for Room (Photo: Disney ABC)

Since she won her Oscar for Room last year, Brie Larson has been carving a unique path for herself. She’s working on her own projects and taking on exciting small parts, as well as appearing in blockbusters like Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming Captain Marvel. This week, Deadline broke the news that Larson is set to play the first ever female candidate to become President of the United States in Victoria Woodhull. Larson will also produce the film, which is being made by Amazon.

This is a hugely important story as Woodhull became the first woman to get on the Presidential ballot in 1872, more than 40 years before her fellow women even had the opportunity to vote in the election. Larson is a tremendous performer and a great choice to take on such an important role. If it’s half as good as the British movie Suffragette, then we’re in for another great movie about the struggle to give women their rightful voice in politics.


Sweary trailer for McDonagh’s dark comedy

Frances McDormand stars in black comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Frances McDormand stars in black comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Martin McDonagh, who made the tremendous In Bruges, seems to be aiming to win the award for longest film title with his latest dark comedy, known by the rather unwieldy moniker Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A first trailer for the film landed this week and it suggests that McDonagh is on his best blackly comedic form once again. The film stars Frances McDormand as a woman who becomes so frustrated at the incompetence of her local police force over her daughter’s murder that she takes out billboard advertising to call them out.

The trailer showcases McDormand as a foul-mouthed force of nature, tearing Woody Harrelson and his cop comrades a new arsehole with McDonagh’s typically lacerating dialogue. The premise sounds simple, but ripe for comic exploration and there’s sure to be plenty of violence as well. McDonagh has been very quiet since Seven Psychopaths in 2012, so it’s great to see him back behind the camera. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri does not currently have a UK release date locked in.


Gordon-Levitt will direct Tatum musical

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks Snowden at Comic-Con in 2016
Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks Snowden at Comic-Con in 2016 (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

If a film teased as “Pitch Perfect meets Book of Mormon” sounds exciting – and why wouldn’t it? – then Wingmen should be an intriguing prospect. Variety reported this week that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in early talks to direct the movie, in which he is already due to star alongside Channing Tatum. The movie is an adult musical that sees two pilots crash land in Las Vegas and will feature covers of pop hits.

Everything about Wingmen sounds like it should be absolutely great and there’s no doubt that musicals are set to become highly sought-after projects in the wake of La La Land‘s awards season success. Both Tatum and Gordon-Levitt have crazy schedules, so it may be a little while before this film ends up in front of cameras, but I will definitely have my eye out for it.


What did you think of the new trailer for the Justice League movie? Who should replace Amy Schumer in the Barbie movie? Let me know in the comments section and come back next Sunday for another news round-up.


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