6 ‘totally legitimate’ reasons Bee Movie is the greatest film of all time

As fans of The Popcorn Muncher Podcast will know, Bee Movie has a certain place in the hearts of two of the regular contributors to this blog. As the news emerges that some people are watching a bizarre speeded-up cut of the film on YouTube, I let Luke Stevenson explain why Bee Movie is the greatest film ever made…

Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B Benson in the brilliant Bee Movie
Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B Benson in the brilliant Bee Movie

In the year of 2007, for me, the one notable smash hit film was Bee Movie – remembered by many, celebrated by too few. Here is why Bee Movie is the greatest film of all time.


Its star

Ask any child, living or dead, who they want to be when they grow up, and at least 4/10 will say Jerry Seinfeld. He is a titan of voiceover comedy so great he has only ever had to do one animated film. Now that’s memorable talent.


Its IMDB rating

When you filter out people bought and paid for by the Disney corporation, it is unarguable that the greatest movie of now and forever was this year’s sophisticated smash hit, Batman v Superman.

Now, the IMDB rating of this is 6.8. Obviously Bee Movie can’t be expected to compete with that, but at 6.2, it comes a close second. When you factor in that Bee Movie has one Jerry Seinfeld and Batman v Superman has 0 Jerry Seinfeld, you can see why Bee Movie has the overall edge.


A rather dark scene from Bee Movie


Its soundtrack

Has anyone ever heard ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by Sheryl Crow and not sobbed with joy? I thought not.

This song is so good it’s been covered by dozens of different artists, including little-known band ‘The Beatles’ who came to Spotify in 2015. It just shows what a classy lady Sheryl Crow is that she is willing to allow her smash hit be covered by such inconsequential acts.


Its use of the colour yellow

Other than the poster for the 2004 film Layer Cake, the colour yellow had never been used in a cinematic context before Bee Movie. But here it is everywhere. Yellow jumpers, yellow dresses, yellow sets. Just so much yellow. It’s daring, yet effective.



What it did for animal rights

Has any movie outside of a vegan YouTube channel ever shone such a shocking light on our disregard of what matters to animals? If I may get serious for a moment, this movie shows bees with jumpers that they’ve never owned in real life. Why are we denying bees the right to knitwear? It’s thought-provoking and challenging, and something we should remember.


Its message

Bee Movie is a rich film, filled with layers. It also gives a lot of positive messages to our young people. The virtue of collective endeavour. Not to care when people tell you something is impossible. Knitwear on bees is natural.


A rather motivational scene from Bee Movie


Do you have any other reasons why Bee Movie is the greatest film of all time? Do you think Luke is way off the mark? Let me know in the comments section.

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