The Popcorn Muncher Podcast: Episode 22 – Comeback time for Bridget Jones and Blair Witch

Renee Zelwegger and Colin Firth reprise their roles for Bridget Jones's Baby
Renee Zelwegger and Colin Firth reprise their roles for Bridget Jones’s Baby

Cinema’s comeback kings and queens are the stars of the latest Popcorn Muncher Podcast, hosted by Luke Stevenson, with Tom Beasley – editor of The Popcorn Muncher.

We review two major franchise revivals in the form of British romcom Bridget Jones’s Baby and the lost in the woods horror Blair Witch. There’s also a summary of the week’s movie news, including the trailer for A-list sci-fi Passengers and the controversy over Karen Gillan‘s “child-sized” outfit in the first still from the new Jumanji reboot.

There’s also time for us to take a look back over the summer of 2016 and discuss the best and the worst of this year’s blockbuster season. It’s fair to say that it hasn’t exactly been a banner year for the biggest movies that multiplexes have to offer, but is there enough to be positive about?

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