The Popcorn Muncher Podcast – Ghostbusters Spoiler Discussion

The new Ghostbusters take on spirits... and sexists
The new Ghostbusters take on spirits… and sexists

It’s the proton packs and barbed banter of Ghostbusters at the centre of the new episode of The Popcorn Muncher Podcast, hosted by Patrick Wilson with Luke Stevenson and Tom Beasley – editor of The Popcorn Muncher.

Paul Feig‘s female-led take on the classic action-comedy Ghostbusters has been a magnet for misogyny since news first broke of its existence. Now, however, it has finally arrived and we discuss the film in detail, from the performances to the action and, of course, the big sexist elephant in the room.

As a final reminder, this podcast will contain spoilers for Ghostbusters, so don’t listen until you’ve seen the film. You can also listen to some of our other detailed spoiler discussions.

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Did you enjoy the new episode of The Popcorn Muncher Podcast? What did you think of Ghostbusters and its sexism controversy? Let us know in the comments section.

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