New red band trailer lands for Brit thriller K-Shop, starring Ziad Abaza

Ziad Abaza stars as kebab shop owner Salah in K-Shop

A new trailer has been released for Dan Pringle’s British vigilante thriller film K-Shop ahead of its UK cinema release this summer.

It’s a brutal and hard-edged red band promo clip that certainly doesn’t hold back in its depiction of the dark underbelly of British binge drinking culture.

The story follows kebab shop owner Salah, played by newcomer Ziad Abaza, who finds himself driven to murder when he is confronted by the true horror of the British booze obsession after his father’s murder at the hands of revellers.

He disposes of the bodies by using the meat for kebabs and serving it to his drunk patrons.

Salah’s world is complicated further by the arrival in town of a shady celebrity entrepreneur (Scot Williams) with plans to open a series of super-clubs.

You can see the new K-Shop trailer below.



It’s an intense promo for a film that promises to be a unique and intense feature debut for Pringle with plenty to say about British culture.

K-Shop is set to arrive in 10-20 screens in the UK in early July through a distribution deal with Bulldog.

For more coverage of K-Shop on The Popcorn Muncher, click here. Are you excited to see the film? Let me know in the comments section.

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