Brit thriller K-Shop secures distribution deal and will hit UK cinemas this summer

Ziad Abaza takes the lead as murderous kebab shop owner Salah in K-Shop

British vigilante horrorthriller K-Shop has netted a distribution deal with Bulldog that will see the film, shot in Bournemouth, grace British cinema screens this summer.

The film, directed by first time feature helmer Dan Pringle through Bournemouth company White Lantern Film, was shot two years ago, but will finally be seen by the public.

It follows kebab shop owner Salah (Ziad Abaza), who develops a murderous dislike of British binge drinkers when his father dies at the hands of pissed-up punters.

Soon, the mild-mannered student is chopping up corpses and selling their meat in his shop, like a late-night, present day Sweeney Todd.

A huge roster of British acting talent also stars, including Waterloo Road star Kristin Atherton, Reece Noi (Game of Thrones), Scot Williams (Redirected) and Ewen MacIntosh, last seen in award-winning comedy The Lobster with Colin Farrell.

K-Shop is set to arrive in 10-20 screens in the UK in early July through the Bulldog deal.

Dan said: “Bulldog then intend to secure TV deals with either Sky or the Syfy channel and then we are looking at a potential arrangement with Netflix for the video on demand rights.”



Although there’s a lot of work ahead, Dan is confident that the finished product is a film that audiences will enjoy, with a strong, socially-conscious message.

He said: “In the last two months we’ve screened the film privately in London and Bournemouth and on both occasions the reception has been incredible.

“It’s great seeing an audience react to the film as I always hoped they would and I think it’s fair to say that we’ve succeeded in creating an original piece of British cinema that provides a unique rollercoaster ride of an experience.”


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