Another year, another load of hilariously honest posters for the 2014 Oscars nominees

'Honest' poster for Dallas Buyers Club, courtesy of The Shiznit

The build up to the 2014 Oscars continues at full pace, with awards hopefuls whoring themselves out to voters in abundance. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trying to predict the most open ceremony in years and talking about who didn’t get nominated.

As an antidote to the seriousness, the lovely folks over at The Shiznit have produced another hilarious crop of truth-telling posters, just as they did last year.

As brilliantly funny as always, the posters are keen to skewer all of the major awards contenders. Leading the 2014 Oscars nominations with 10 each, are Gravity and American Hustle.

Click the images to make them bigger.

The Shiznit's spoof poster for American Hustle The Shiznit's spoof poster for Gravity

There’s also plenty of room for amusement in the Best Actor battle between Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street and his co-star Matthew McConaughey, who is nommed for Dallas Buyers Club.

The Shiznit's spoof poster for The Wolf of Wall Street The Shiznit's spoof poster for Dallas Buyers Club

The light-hearted nominees weren’t safe either, as shown by these two for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine and Spike Jonze’s Her.

The Shiznit's spoof poster for Blue Jasmine The Shiznit's spoof poster for Her

To see the full set of 2014 Oscars posters that tell the truth, head on over to The Shiznit and bask in the wit… and AIDS gags.

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