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Awesome 2013 Oscars Art – The Popcorn Muncher

Awesome 2013 Oscars Art

Joshua Budich's artwork around 2013 Oscars Best Picture nominee Silver Linings Playbook

A few weeks ago, I posted some alternative posters for some of the 2013 Oscars movies. Now, here’s some more awesome Oscars-related artwork from a series of awesome young artists, courtesy of a collection called For Your Consideration.

All posters are clickable for a bigger version.

This poster for Lincoln by Jeff Boyes is gorgeous.

Jeff Boyes' artwork based on 2013 Oscars movie Lincoln

These two, for Les Misérables (Phantom City Creative) and Beasts of the Southern Wild (Rich Kelly) are beautifully abstract.

Phantom City Creative's artwork based on 2013 Oscars movie Les Misérables Rich Kelly's artwork based on 2013 Oscars movie Beasts of the Southern Wild

The best of the entire 2013 Oscars bunch are below. Matt Owen’s beautifully minimalistic piece for Amour perfectly conveys the contemplative, sombre feel of the film and Joshua Budich’s art for Silver Linings Playbook is just crazy.

Matt Owen's artwork based on 2013 Oscars movie Amour Joshua Budich's artwork based on 2013 Oscars movie Silver Linings Playbook

Head on over to Digital Spy for the rest of the posters and click here for more of my 2013 Oscars coverage.

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