Will the Golden Globes reflect the 2013 Oscars?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the 2013 Golden Globes

Last night was the 70th Golden Globes ceremony, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Considered by many to be a dry-run to the 2013 Oscars, the ceremony had a mix of hugely predictable winners and a few surprises.

The big winners on the night were Les Misérables (3 wins), Argo (2 wins) and Django Unchained (2 wins). But will these awards be replicated by the Academy on 24th February when the 2013 Oscars are announced?

Most of the awards handed out at the Golden Globes were about as predictable as they come. However, it was surprising to see Academy Award leader Lincoln only walking away with the one award and missing out on the big prizes in favour of Argo, for which Globe winner Ben Affleck was snubbed by the Academy.

Lincoln’s downfall was probably the biggest shock of the Globes, missing out on Best Picture, Best Director (Steven Spielberg) and Best Supporting Actor – Drama (Tommy Lee Jones). These are all awards that the film was expected to win at the 2013 Oscars, but Globes defeat is a major setback for the movie.

Also conspicuously absent from the big awards at the Golden Globes was Life of Pi, with Ang Lee’s majestic technical marvel only winning one award, for Mychael Danna’s score. It is likely that this was due to the Globes having few technical categories, which are surely the places where Life of Pi is going to pick up its gongs.

The bizarre Golden Globes division between dramatic films and musicals/comedies benefited Les Misérables hugely and, although it remains a contender for the Best Picture award at the 2013 Oscars, it is likely to lose out to one of its more dramatic rivals such as Argo, Zero Dark Thirty (both weakened by their lack of a Best Director nomination) and the seemingly unstoppable Lincoln.

Interestingly, Django Unchained performed very well at the Golden Globes, picking up Best Supporting Actor – Drama (Christoph Waltz) and Best Screenplay for Tarantino. Waltz will be looking to echo his 2009 Supporting Actor win for  Inglourious Basterds at the 2013 Oscars, although it’s difficult to see past Tommy Lee Jones. Tarantino may well also pick up the Academy’s Best Original Screenplay award, but they seem to be having a bit of a love affair with Michael Haneke this year, so it’s by no means a lock.

Following a less predictable Golden Globes than usual and a very intriguing set of nominations, the 2013 Oscars could be very interesting, but ultimately Lincoln will probably sweep the board.

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